Friday, August 23, 2013 If an overtime jam ends before two minutes for any reason, the bout ends immediately and the score stands. Additional overtime jams will only be played if the score remains tied (with the exception in Section

Today’s rules comes from the Overtime section. It explains that when an overtime jam ends, the game is over, unless the game is still tied. That means in the case that an inadvertent or incorrect jam ending whistle is blown, the jam is over, since the jam ends at the fourth whistle of the jam ending signal, per rule 2.4.7. The rules allow for an additional jam to occur at the head referee’s discretion only if the jam is called before it’s natural conclusion for one of the listed reasons, and so long as there is time remaining on the jam clock but not on the period clock. The listed reasons why a jam would end early that may trigger an additional jam are: An injury that is a safety hazard to continued game play. Fighting. Technical difficulty or mechanical malfunction (including skate trouble) that is a safety hazard to continued play. Too many skaters on the track that gives that team a competitive advantage. Venue malfunctions (including power outages) that are a safety hazard to continued play. Physical interference (including fans on the track) that interferes with continued play.

Even if one of these situations happen, it is still the discretion of the head referee to run an additional jam. Outside of these situations, once the overtime jam ends, even before two minutes has elapsed, the game is over.