Wednesday, August 28, 2013 A Jammer returning to play from the penalty box during the same jam may score immediately upon returning if the Jammer was pulled from the jam after having completed their first pass through the pack.

Today's rule is from the Penalty Enforcement Procedures section. It's a pretty simple rule, really, although the language could be a bit misleading. Basically, if a jammer has completed their initial pass before being sent to the penalty box, then if they return to the track during that jam, they may begin scoring points immediately. That means they don't have make another pass through the pack to begin scoring. Simple enough.

What is unfortunate about this rule is its wording. If you go by the letter of the rule, a jammer returning to the track in the same jam they were sent to the box may begin scoring so long as they "completed their first pass through the pack". This is, in fact, inaccurate. To be eligible to score at all in a jam, a jammer must complete their initial pass, which requires the jammer to skate more than 20 feet from the pack - exit the engagement zone - to be eligible to score points, per rule 8.2. Thus, it would be more accurate if the phrase in question were replaced with "competed their initial pass".

Of course, 8.2.1 is an exception to 8.2, which allows a jammer to score jammer lap points prior to completing their initial pass. Therefore, if a jammer returns to the track from the penalty box at any point, having completed their initial pass or not, they may immediately start scoring jammer lap points.