Tuesday, September 17, 2013

6.10.17 Any illegal blocking while out of play that forces the receiving opposing skater out of their established position. This includes forcing a skater down, out of bounds, or out of relative position.

Today's rule is an Out Of Play major penalty. Like most penalties that include contact, this penalty requires major impact to be assessed. Major impact includes a loss of relative position. This includes being knocked down and out of bounds. For example, if a blocker is out of play and blocks a jammer down or out of bounds, they will receive a major penalty. Another form of impact that would be covered in this rule is a skater being put back in play. If a jammer is out of the engagement zone, they may not be legally engaged by a blocker. If a blocker engages as jammer while out of play, and the jammer ends up in the engagement zone, where they may be legally engaged, the blocker will receive a major penalty, as the jammer has lost relative position - their previous position was safer as far as legal engagement goes than their resulting position.

Since the 2013 version of the rules, this is the only blocking Out Of Play penalty that exists anymore, as there is no OOP penalty for blocks with minor impact. If a skater makes an out of play block that has major impact, they will receive this penalty. If they make an out of play block that has minor impact and receive a penalty, they are most likely receiving it for failure to return to the engagement zone (6.10.12) or failure to reform a pack (6.10.13).