Friday, January 24, 2014

7.2.2 Major penalties expire after one (1) minute served in the penalty box.

Today’s rule comes from the Penalty Enforcement Procedures section. It’s a pretty simple rule, right? Absolutely. Of course, jammer penalties may be shorter than one minute. Whether they expire earlier than one minute, or a jammer’s time in the box is simply shorter than their one minute penalty is debatable and, frankly, unimportant. Blockers must sit for the full minute of the penalty and are released when their time expires. Jammers must sit for the full minute of their penalty unless released from the penalty box early due to the opposing jammer sitting down in the box. Of course, there’s also the situation where a jammer will be released immediately after they sit down if the opposing jammer is already in the penalty box and has more than a minute of penalty time left.

There are diagrams to help understand the shortened jammer penalty times in the Photos section of the RDRotD Facebook page.