Tuesday, February 4, 2014 All penalty clocks stop between jams (see Section 7.2.4 for procedure).

Today's rule comes from the Clocks section. According to section 6 Penalties, "A penalty is a punishment, handicap, or loss of advantage imposed on a team or competitor". The way it is a punishment is that it is time in which the penalized skater is not able to assist their team, thus the loss of advantage. If a penalty were to be timed while the game were on hold, it wouldn't be a punishment, since there would be no loss of advantage. That is why penalty clocks only run when the jam clock is running, as play happens only when the jam clock is running. Therefore, between jams, when play is not happening, all penalty clocks are stopped.

This can be easier said than done, depending on how the penalty officials time the penalties. If one or more smartphones are used, multiple clocks can be started and stopped with the push of one button. If multiple stopwatches are used, each one needs to be started and stopped individually, which will require more than one penalty timer to be able to start and stop them all simultaneously. The easiest method to start and stop all penalty clocks at the same time is to use the single clock method.