Thursday, February 6, 2014

4.3.1 Once the pack is in motion, Blockers may change location as long as they stay within the pack.

Today’s rules is from the Jam Positioning section. This sounds like an odd rule, and because the rules have changed over time, it sort of is, even though it is still relevant. This rule has actually existed since the first version of the WFTDA rules when skaters were required to line up in a specific formation before the jam. This rule allowed skaters to break formation - change locations - once the jam had begun. Over time, the formation requirement went away, but the rule allowing skaters to change locations has remained. I can only imagine this rule has remained unchanged because it does set a requirement for skaters to remain in the pack, which in itself is odd, since skaters may skate outside the pack as long as they are still in the engagement zone.