Friday, March 7, 2014

2.5.1 Pass Procedure: In order to transfer the Jammer position to the Pivot, a Jammer must hand their helmet cover (the “Star”) to the Pivot. (Removing the Star will make the Jammer inactive; see Section 2.3.3) The Pivot must be grasping the Star when the Jammer releases it. Upon the Jammer releasing the Star, the Pivot will be considered the Jammer, and the prior Jammer will be considered a Blocker. They retain these new roles until the end of the jam.

Today’s rule comes from the Passing The Star section of the rules. This is a new rule in the most recent version of the rules. This rule is probably the most helpful change in this rulebook, as far as understanding gameplay and how to officiate it is concerned. This is how a star pass now happens. The jammer removes their helmet cover, hands it to the pivot, and when the jammer lets go, the pivot is now the jammer. Simple as that.

Now, let’s look into the nuances of this change. There are a few important things that must happen for this procedure to result in a star pass. For starters, as this rule says, both the jammer and pivot must be grasping the jammer helmet cover at the same time before the jammer lets go for the pass to be considered legal. This means that the helmet cover must be directly handed off. If the helmet cover isn’t held simultaneously, even for an instant, by both the pivot and jammer, then the helmet cover must have been thrown, passed by other players, or picked up off the ground. None of these types of transfers are legal, per rule As well, both the jammer and pivot must be in play for the transfer to be legal. That means they must both be upright, in bounds, and in the engagement zone, per rule If one or both of them are out of play, then the star pass will be illegal.

Other star pass section rules will be covered in future posts, due to the fact that the entire star pass section was rewritten.