Wednesday, March 12, 2014 All rules regarding inactive Jammers apply. The initial Jammer is inactive as soon as they have removed the Star, and the Pivot-turned-Jammer is inactive until they have put the Star on with the stars visible.

Today’s rule comes from the Star Pass section. This is a new rule in the most recent version of the rules. Thankfully, the entire star pass section has been rewritten. Unlike the previous procedure to transfer the position of jammer, the new procedure is very straightforward. The jammer removes their helmet cover, hands it to the pivot, both the jammer and pivot must be holding it at the same time, and once the jammer lets go, the pivot has become jammer. Of course, this procedure must happen with both the jammer and pivot upright, in bounds, and in the engagement zone. This is a big change from the way it used to work, which was that the pivot would still be the pivot until they put the jammer helmet cover on their head. This led to some confusion because in the last couple versions of the rules it wasn’t entirely clear if the pivot had to keep their helmet cover on their head when they put the jammer helmet cover on their head. Some people thought they had to keep it on, and others thought they could take it off first. Now, there’s no worry about it. The pivot must have the helmet cover on to receive the star pass, but once the jammer lets go of the helmet cover, the pivot helmet cover doesn’t even matter anymore. At that point the pivot has become a jammer, but is inactive until they put on the jammer helmet cover. This makes it much easier once the star pass has happened since the pivot-turned-jammer has no risk of going out of play before putting on the helmet cover, nor is there any question what scoring pass the pivot-turned-jammer is on, since they are the jammer immediately, and thus finish the current scoring pass as soon as they leave the engagement zone ahead of the pack. There is no requirement to put on the jammer helmet cover unless they want to start scoring points.