Sunday, June 29, 2014 During a No Pack scenario, the front-most group is never required to skate clockwise to reform a pack.

Today’s TWO rules come from the Penalty section under “Out of Play”.

Rule makes it very clear that no skater in the front part of a No Pack scenario is required to skate in the clockwise direction. As rule 5.10.6 explains what the front pack must do (Slow until they come to a complete stop), makes sure that the front skaters do not have to skate clockwise. Once the front skaters have stopped, they have done all they are required to do by rule in order to reform the pack. Most skaters will skate clockwise in order to reform due to the necessity to quickly reform a pack. Clockwise skating is allowed, however it is not required. No penalty for failure to reform the pack should be given to any skater in the front group who is stopped in order to reform the pack.