Wednesday, July 9, 2014 The Jammer status may only be transferred by a Jammer who releases the Star while in the Engagement Zone, to a Pivot who is also within the Engagement Zone. It is illegal to transfer the Star while either the Jammer or Pivot is outside of the Engagement Zone, down, or out of bounds. This applies only to the moment of transfer (i.e., the Jammer’s release of the Star into the grasping Pivot’s hand).

Today’s rule comes from the Passing the Star section. It covers legal locations where a star pass can occur. Both players must be in the engagement zone, upright, and in bounds. It is important to note that these locations only matter at the moment of transfer (ie; when the jammer releases the cover into the pivot’s hand). It is legal for the pivot and jammer to both be grasping the cover while down, out of bounds, and/or outside the engagement zone. The jammer cannot release (voluntarily or otherwise) the cover until both are fully reestablished in a legal transfer location. Violation of this procedure is a “star pass violation” penalty for the jammer.

It is worth noting that what constitutes a legal transfer location has changed in the current rule set. In the previous set the jammer was allowed to be down. This is no longer the case.