Monday, July 7, 2014 When the inactive Jammer is once again grasping the Star, said Jammer may immediately release it back into possession of the Pivot, so long as the other requirements of Section 2.5.1 are met. Such an action constitutes a valid transfer of Jammer status.

This rule comes from the Passing the Star section of the rules. On March 19, the original writer at RDRotD outlined the previous rule which covers legal and illegal methods for the Pivot to return the jammer helmet cover to the jammer following a failed star pass. Today’s rule expands on one legal method of returning the cover, the direct hand-off. Under this rule, the jammer reestablishes control of the helmet cover once he or she is grasping it. The pivot is not required to let go over the cover for this to happen.

This rule also provides the option for the jammer to immediately release the cover back into possession of the pivot. Doing so is considered a new star pass and, if the transfer is done legally (ie; upright, in bounds, etc.) then the pivot immediately assumes the role of inactive jammer. If the jammer releases the cover into the pivot’s hand in an illegal manner (ie; out of play, etc.) then this is an illegal star pass that warrants a “star pass violation” penalty on the jammer.

Today’s rule also mentions “other requirements” of 2.5.1. These cover most of the legal requirements for a star pass. Simply put, the jammer and pivot must both be grasping the cover when the jammer releases it. Both players must be upright, in the engagement zone, in bounds, not in the penalty box queue, and not directed to the penalty box. The star cover may not be dropped, thrown, or passed via other skaters.