Thursday, July 10, 2014

3.2.8 Skaters who line up fully in bounds but in an illegal starting position (while touching their legal starting area) are considered to have committed a False Start, and will receive a False Start warning. Once warned, skaters who false start must cease all forward motion until they have yielded to all skaters in the immediate vicinity by ceding relative position to those skaters, or they may be issued a penalty (see Section 5.13.9)

Today’s rule comes from “Pre-jam Positioning” under Rule 3 The Pack.

Today’s rule explains 2 things. First it explains when you will receive a false start warning as a blocker. The first important element is that the skater must be completely in bounds. Both skates MUST be between the boundary lines. If one skate is in bounds and the other is out of bounds, the skater will be asked to return to their bench. Second the skater must be in an illegal starting position, but still touching in their legal starting area. For blockers, this would be between the pivot and jammer lines, for jammers it would be on or behind the jammer line. If the skater has both skates out of their legal starting position, but is completely in bounds, they will be penalized under 5.13.10. So for this rule, the skater must be in bounds and touching in their legal starting area.

Next, if a skater is lined up in a way described above, they will receive a false start warning. The warning will sound like this “BLACK 2-1-1-2, FALSE START”. There will be no whistle, just the verbal cue. Once the skater has received the warning, they must cease all forward motion until they have yielded to all skaters around them. This means you must stop until all the skaters around you have had a chance to take advantage of you giving up your position.

If you do not cease all forward motion and therefore let other skaters around you know that you are giving up your relative position, you will be penalized under 5.13.9. That verbal cue will be “BLACK 2-1-1-2, FAILURE TO YIELD”

Knowing the proper verbal cue is just as important as knowing what action to take. If you hear “False Start” then all you have to do is stop all forward motion and let the skaters around pass you, if they so choose. If you hear a whistle and “Failure to Yield”, you will be going to the penalty box.