Friday, July 18, 2014 If a false-starting skater attempts to cede relative position (by coming to a stop), but no other skaters make an attempt to take back said advantage, the false starting skater is no longer required to yield.

Today’s rule comes from “Pre-Jam Positioning” under rule 3, “The Pack”.

Today’s rule describes what happens if a skater yields, and no one takes advantage of it. Once a skater has been given a false start warning (“Black 2112, FALSE START”), Black 2112 must now cease forward motion in order to give skaters around them a chance to regain their relative position. These skaters are not required to take advantage of the yield. The only requirement is that the false-starting skater must give the opportunity to regain position.

If no one takes advantage of the skater who is yielding, play continues and there is no further action required by the false-starting skater. The important part is that the skater must still cease all forward momentum in order to make sure the officials see that they are yielding advantage. A brief “Stop-and-go” is not enough to make sure other skaters know you are yielding advantage. If you come to a complete stop, and no one is doing anything different, or making any effort to move past you, you have met the requirement to yield. You may continue playing as normal.