Saturday, July 19, 2014 Prior to yielding, a Blocker who has false started is not considered part of the pack.

Today’s rule is the final rule in “Pre-Jam Positioning” under Rule 3 The Pack.

Today’s rule states that any skater who false starts is not to be considered a part of the pack until they have yielded.

This means for the purpose of defining the pack, a skater who has false started is not a factor. Realistically in game play, due to the popularity of scrum starts on the jammer line, a false starting skater will not really have an effect on defining the pack. If the pack is more spread out, then this rule comes into play more.

Ultimately at the start of a jam, with all the skaters bunched up, this rule rarely factors in much, its just good for officials to remember this. Its one of those rare situations an official needs to be ready for.