Tuesday, July 1, 2014 When an initiating Blocker exits out of the Engagement Zone at any time after the initiating block or when, during a No Pack scenario, said Blocker is 20 feet (6 meters) from any member of the last defined pack.

Today’s rule comes from the Cutting the Track section of the rules. Yesterday I discussed rule 5.11.1 wherein which the initiator of a block which knocks an opponent out of bounds can lose their superior position in four ways. The first three are defined in through (being sent off for a penalty, going down, or going out of bounds). This rule is the fourth and final way and covers two scenarios: if a does or does not pack exist.

When there is a pack, the initiator must remain within the engagement zone to maintain their superior position. Exiting from either the front or back forfeits that advantage.

If no pack exists, the initiator must remain within 20 feet of any member of the last defined pack. This second requirement is new to the March 1, 2014 rule set, and reflects a concerted effort in the rule to clarify various situations during a no pack scenario. Falling afoul of this part of the rule is possible in several ways, but the most common scenario is when the initiator blocks the opposing jammer out of bounds near the front of the engagement zone, a no pack situation occurs, and her momentum takes her beyond the 20 foot margin.