Sunday, July 13, 2014

5.12.10 Exiting the track due to the belief that one had reason to be out of bounds legally.

Today’s rule comes from the Skating Out of Bounds section. It is a “no impact/no penalty” reason for skating out of bounds.

The March 1, 2014 rule set expanded the Skating Out of Bound rules to better define what are legal vs. illegal reasons for exiting the track. 5.12.10 is one of the new reasons; it is legal to exit the track under the belief that the skater has reason to be out of bounds legally.

Subrules and define two common reasons for this belief. We will cover tomorrow. refers to exiting the track after the player believes a maneuver took them out of bounds (such as a fall along the track edge that almost takes a player out of bounds.)

Another reason would be leaving the track because the player incorrectly believes the jam has ended. I’m sure there are others, perhaps you can think of a few.

The challenge for referees is to correctly assess what the skaters’ intent when they exit the track. Rule 8.3.3 states that legal intent must be presumed if intent is not clear, making this rule an easy threshold for players to achieve. The end result is that players who exit the track for an unknown reason and do not immediately try to re-enter in a manner that makes some sort of strategic sense are not likely to receive a skating out of bound penalty.