Wednesday, August 20, 2014

1.5.5 Jammers and Pivots are permitted to put on their helmet covers after the jam has started. They must, however, have their helmet cover on their head or in hand before the jam-starting whistle. A helmet cover cannot enter a jam in progress.

Today’s rule comes from the Game Parameters section of the rules. Specifically, it states where helmet covers must be located at the start of a jam.

At jam start whistle, each team’s jammer and pivot must be holding their team’s respective helmet cover in their hand or wearing it on their head. It is not permissible for a pivot or jammer to be hiding the cover up their shirt, down their pants, or wherever (unless, of course, the player is also holding the cover in their hand while hidden in that location).

If the cover is not on the player’s head or in their hand, then the cover is considered to be outside of the jam in progress and is not allowed to enter. If the player dons a helmet cover that was not present at the start of the jam, they should be instructed to remove the cover. Failure to remove the cover warrants an insubordination penalty.

Should a cover not allowed in a jam land on the skating surface due to being dropped by a player, a missed throw at jam start, etc., it should be considered debris on the track and can be legally removed from the track by players, referees, NSOs, or even people not participating in a jam. (They cannot interfere with the actual jam, of course.)