Friday, August 22, 2014 The pack is comprised of the blockers. The Jammers are not part of the pack.

Today's Rule continues our discussion of "Pack Definition" under rule 3, "The Pack"

Today’s rule clearly defines which skaters can be a part of a pack. There are two basic positions in derby, blockers and jammers. When defining a pack, only blockers are taken into consideration. This rule makes it very clear and direct who is in the pack and has no confusing elements.

So when officials are defining a pack, or players are trying to adjust to where the pack is, you have to remember who the jammer is. Many teams nowadays are having their jammer remove their cover in order to confuse the opposing team once that opposing team has gained lead jammer status. Both officials and teams need to be aware that even if they are not wearing the star, they are still the jammer and cannot factor into pack definition.