Tuesday, August 5, 2014

5.13.7 A skater initiating contact or engaging an opponent after the fourth whistle ending the jam that forces the opponent slightly off balance, forward, or sideways but does not cause the opponent to fall.

Today’s rule continues this week’s series on “illegal engaging”. Specifically, it is a no impact/no penalty rule in the Illegal Procedures section that defines legal contact with an opponent after the fourth whistle of the first set of jam call-off whistles.

Once a jam has officially ended, players are not to engage in contact or block each other. The reality is that opposing players do routinely make contact after the jam ends, usually accidentally but sometimes purposely. So long as the contact does not do more than force the opponent slightly off-balance, forward, or sideways, then no penalty is warranted.

Tomorrow: the penalty-level version of this rule along with a final explanation about how all four illegal engaging rules interact with each other. It’s what you’ve been waiting for.