Friday, August 8, 2014 Points for opponents who have not yet been scored upon in an incomplete scoring pass by a penalized Jammer, who themselves are penalized while the Jammer is serving penalty time, will be awarded to the penalized jammer upon the Jammer’s legal in-bounds re-entry onto the track in the same jam, or upon passing any opposing blocker (if their re-entry was illegal). If the jam ends before this occurs, points for those opponents will not be awarded. The Jammer may still earn those points by legally passing those opponents in the same jam.

Today’s rule comes from the “points” section, under rule 7, “Scoring”.

Today’s rule is quite a lot of information so I will break it down part by part. The first thing is that this rule is dealing with a very specific situation. The situation is a jammer on a scoring pass, who then gets penalized. While the penalized jammer sits in the box, an opposing blocker (who the Jammer has not legally passed yet) comes in the box to serve a penalty. The question becomes: When does the jammer earn the point for the blocker or blockers who are in the box?

The answer, according to, is when the Jammer legally re-enters the track. The Jammer does not have to pass any blockers in order to score that point or those points. The exception to that is if the re-entry is illegal. The illegal re-entry, that would not result in an immediate penalty, falls into one of the four categories I listed in yesterdays rule. If the Jammer re-enters the track illegally, then they will get the points for the penalized blockers once she legally passes an opposing blocker.

This rule is a very specific situation. Most times you do not earn a NOTT (Not On The Track) point unless you pass an opposing blocker on the track. In this specific scenario, provided you re-enter the track legally, you will earn the points for those blockers once you legally re-enter.

Again, the points awarded are for blockers who serve a penalty while the Jammer is serving a penalty.