Thursday, August 14, 2014 Scoreboard Operator: A game will have one Scoreboard Operator. The Scoreboard Operator posts the score from the Scorekeeper and keeps the official period and jam clocks up-to-date.

Today, we continue our celebration of NSO week with the Scoreboard Operator (SO) position. The scoreboard operator is extremely important in any game. Remember that the SO is responsible for maintaining the visual score of the game as well as the Official Period Clock and Official Jam Clock. Please note that the visible clocks are the official time for the game and the jam, since they are the clocks visible to both teams. ( and

The first thing a SO needs to do is become familiar with the scoreboard program that will be used for the game. The most common scoreboard (and the one used at WFTDA tournaments) is the Carolina Scoreboard. There are a few others out there (Ultimate Derby Scoreboard, etc.), so make sure you become familiar with the program being used as to eliminate some possible issues that might come up before the game.

Elements needed in a good SO:
-Communication with both the scorekeepers and jam timer in order to keep the information on the scoreboard as accurate as possible.

-Making sure to have your eyes on the jam timer between jams, especially when they say “Five Seconds”, in order to start the jam clock (and period clock) accurately.

-Making sure to know your “Hot Keys” Hot Keys are optional shortcut keys to help with ease of use for the scoreboard system.

-Making sure to communicate with the head referee if there are any issues with the scoreboard that need to be addressed before resuming the game.

-Being calm under pressure. Being an SO is an important job, and you need to be able to communicate effectively and remain calm during any situation.

-Do not input any points until the scorekeeper gives you the information. We may all see the points the Jam ref has awarded, however they do not go on the scoreboard until the scorekeeper has recorded the points and relayed that information to the SO. Constantly verify the total on the scoreboard with your scorekeepers to ensure accuracy.

-Adjusting the time as necessary during a timeout when the jam timer communicates that an adjustment is necessary. You must adjust the game clock during a stoppage in time. You cannot adjust the clock while it is running. (

A really good SO can make a huge impact on the game by not creating the need for additional official time outs to make corrections. Tomorrow we will end our celebration of NSOs by looking at the job of a Jam Timer, who backs up the Scoreboard Operator.