Saturday, August 2, 2014

8.3.5 If the referee is not sure whether an action warrants an expulsion, an expulsion will not be assessed.

Today’s rule concludes the discussion of “Referee Discretion” under Rule 8, “Officials”

Today’s rule is the last rule of this section and follows the same theme as previous posts about referee discretion. In this case, the decision to be made is whether or not a skater is to be expelled for an action.

If an official is not sure that the action observed meets the standards for expelling a skater, as outlined in the rules (In most cases the action needs to be reckless, negligent, or intentional), then the skater cannot be expelled.

Expulsion is a very serious matter, and referees should make sure they have as much information as possible before recommending to the head referee that a skater should be expelled. Remember that only the head referee may expel a skater, coach, or manager ( If after all the information is presented, the referee’s are not sure the action was worthy of an expulsion, the skater will not be expelled.

This does not mean a penalty is not issued, it means the action did not reach the level of assessing an expulsion.